Every starter set of brewing beer is suitable for learning to brew. The differences are therefore often in the amount of material and the type of brewing.

Do you want to get started to see if brewing is something for

you? Then start with a simple set of brew bucket. With the use of your own pans from your kitchen, it is quite easy to start with this. You then use malt extracts to brew the beer. Do not forget to order a crown cap device and crown caps.

However, this is already present in most starter packages. To eventually bottle the beer, you need to use clean bottles. You can order these or clean them yourself with an acid-based cleaning agent and a bottle brush. For a pure used bottle, it is useful to rinse the bottle a few times with water immediately after pouring and let it dry upside down.

Brewing with malt is of course also

possible. This requires a malt mill which you can find in our more luxurious packages. You can also make the choice to work with your own pans, to use large stainless steel pans or electric pans.

Finally, it is important to take different measurements during brewing.

This can be done with a hydrometer including measuring glass. Many starter sets also contain all this hydrometer.

In the appendix a manual of the most simple starter set to get an idea of the